😱Youtube Shorts Tips | 1 Video se 10 million views kaise complete karen

10 million views from one video is it possible
very big thing watching na video till the end dekhoga aapko very correct history

they make different types of videos, there is no one type of shot creator,
each one is working equally hard in his video, how much time does it take to upload a single
shot? 1 hour to do everything and some one takes a day to prepare a video some one takes two
days to prepare their video with complete research and tell something seriously In the present time,
there are such shot creators who prepare at least one video within 3 days and there are many
shot creators who do not upload any video in three days, so I am going to tell you about these
things. So that you also got something to learn, I am going to challenge you in this video,
if you have accepted this challenge, just comment. All you have to do is write in
the section straight-simple-simple accept if you accept this challenge, if you don't accept
then brother don't even comment please, I am going to show you serious live growth, how channel
growth is going to show you the reality.

Yes, let me show you, friend, understand this graph
carefully, this graph continues from here, from here to now, from here it starts going up, it
started going up from here, it went up from here, it kept going up now . It kept on happening now, so
much has been taken from here, after that it went down, after going down, again you are here, here
again you are here, now it is going down again, but in the time to come, again this If it goes
up, then I want to explain this graph in detail to you that how you have to challenge yourself,
before challenging yourself, you will have to change yourself a bit, if you are ready to start
from today, brother.

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Do it from today itself, if you are not ready from today, then take time,
how many days do you want, you want 5 days, you want six days, brother, you are complete. Take
it for a day, take a week, do nothing for 7 days, sit idle, do nothing for seven days, brother, I am
going to challenge you, just accept it, you sat idle for 7 days, your mind was as fresh
as it was. Now after that, when you are starting, the day you will start, it depends on you,
when you are starting, if you are free now, then start from now and how much time you will
have to give, I am here I write clearly, you will have to give three to four hours, you just have to
prepare a video, now how will a video be prepared, you have been given three to four hours, which are
now 3 to 4 hours, you will not go to social media, etc.

You don't have to do it, just in four hours
you have been given 30 to 40 minutes to write the script, now mother takes that brother, it takes
you one hour, let's take one hour; If you keep watching real in useless, then you have written
the script of a video in 30 minutes or in 1 hour, after that you have to shoot the video. How many
minutes will it take me brother, I am telling from the limit, I am telling the last, it takes 30
minutes to shoot a video, it cannot take more than this, it took 30 minutes to shoot a short
video, it took you to shoot, you have a best video editing How much time will it take to do it 1
hour 1 hour regularly if it is 30-40 sec video it will take more how much it will take 1.5 you will
take 1 1/2 hours bro you will not be able to edit bro take 2 hours One good editing is done in an
hour I will tell you seriously if you do regular you have done editing in 2 hours one hour went in
scripting 3 hours you are done one hour still you have one more hour left give your In that video,
you get a best video in 4 hours, if you do this on YouTube, you download someone else's video,
you download someone's video from YouTube.

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If you have done editing then you know how much
time it will take. That's why they upload two videos in a day means they upload four videos
in two days, now you have to challenge yourself, you are starting from today, you are starting
from today, so from today you have to make consistency. for the next coming 35 days you
have to upload videos without stop for 35 days if you are accepting the challenge upload
videos with high quality if you want growth in this way see how many views are coming from
here i am giving you good I show by clicking here when videos are not being uploaded on the
channel, as soon as the 12000 was consistent, the guy uploaded regular high quality videos
for a month, see here, he would get ₹ 1 lakh plus views here in a day Yes, we click
and show you ₹ 4 lakh views in a day, the number of subscribers who subscribe whatever
i show you see here subscribe 800 subscriber in one day 1200 subscriber in one day and see
here 133 subscriber in one day now in this

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