Copy & Paste YouTube Shorts And Earn $178 Per Video | (BEST Step by Step Tutorial)

– This Shorts video is pretty catchy, but it made only $5. And this Shorts video is also catchy, but this one made over $500. So what’s the difference? Well, the first Shorts video..

In this video, I will show you how to copy
and paste YouTube Shorts, and earn $156 or $182 or $255 per video you copy and paste. Now, since YouTube itself
is not the best way to monetize your YouTube Shorts, I will show you an
additional way to make money and maximize your results with
a simple four steps process. It will help you make
money with YouTube Shorts without making videos yourself and without showing your face. So, first of all, we will talk about how to
actually find the right Shorts, then how to copy and paste, and create those YouTube Shorts, then how to actually upload
those YouTube Shorts, and how to actually get views
on those YouTube Shorts.

And finally, I will show you how you can
make money using (beep), and it has nothing to do with ad revenue.

Now, by the way, the winner of the last $25
giveaway is Julien Monet. If you don’t know, in every video, I’m randomly rewarding one of you that follows me on Instagram @iamdavenick, and I’m giving away $25 in every video. So if you want to
participate in the next one, just go over to Instagram
and follow me @iamdavenick, and I will announce the
winner in the next video on this channel. Anyways, let’s begin with
a step-by-step tutorial.

So first of all, look at
this guy, he’s a genius.

According to Social Blade, this person is getting over
67 million views per month on their Shorts channel. And as you can see, the channel has been blowing up lately. I mean, according to Social Blade, he’s making millions of dollars
per year from ad revenue, but I’m not quite sure because once again, ad revenue from Shorts can be really low. And then you have
another person right here that is getting over 100
million views per month. And they started just months
ago with 3000 subscribers.

And now they’re getting over
100,000 subscribers per month. That’s over 3000 subscribers per day. And/or 3 million views per
day on their Shorts videos. But you know what? Since these guys are
not using the strategy, which I’m about to share with
you inside of this video, they’re missing out on
thousands of dollars they can potentially make with these views because relying just on ad revenue on YouTube Shorts is not
the best way to make money.

There’s a lot better ways to
monetize your YouTube Shorts and make a lot more money. Now, if you open up any
of their YouTube videos, you’re gonna be able to see that these are just a short
stories, horror stories, or horror facts, some bizarre facts, or list of different, interesting things. And those Short videos are getting over 100
million views per month. So how do we even make those videos without showing your face? Well, first of all, you will need to go over to
a website called Listverse.

This is the word, And on here, you can find pretty much
the same type of content that Sebastian uses to get over
67 million views per month. So just go over to and this is gonna give you
lots of different articles from which you can make
those Shorts videos.

So for example, you can go over to Bizarre
category right here, and you will have creepy
mysteries and weird stuff. So let’s, for example,
go to Creepy section. That’s gonna give us all of
these different articles, and a list from which we
can make our Shorts video. For example, we have “Top 10 Creepiest
Things Found in Attics” or “Top 10 Cursed Videos” and so on. Let’s say, for example, I want to open up this one
and make a Shorts video from this article right
here, or from this list.

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It says “Top 10 Cursed Videos.” So as you can see, now we have number 10, number 9, 8, 7, 6, and so on and so forth. So what I can do right now
is I can copy one by one each of these. So for example, the first one right here, I will copy this text. And then I will just go over to InVideo, which is a tool that basically
creates those videos for you.

And I will leave all the resources in the description down below. So I would just sign up to InVideo and I would select the
Vertical option right here, I would select Text to Video. I will choose a template. I will give a headline or
the title of the video.

So for example, I can say
“Top 5 Cursed Videos,” and now I would just paste
the script in this box.

So one by one, I will type in five
different cursed videos that I got from So I will paste that inside of this box. I will change some
words to make it unique. You know, I will find some synonyms, or I’ll just rewrite it in my own words.

Then I will click Next. I will wait until InVideo
does the work for me, and I will have all of
the scenes available on the screen right now.

So they’ve just made a
32 seconds video for me. And this is a Shorts
video, which I can use. Now, just keep in mind that
since this is an AI tool, which uses artificial intelligence
to create those videos, it is not always accurate.

And as you can see, it
puts some random images. So I would definitely change this because this image right here
is definitely not creepy, and it doesn’t align with the
actual title of the video.

So I would remove this, and I would drop a new media, which I can either find
on Google, on, or any other creepy website. Find different media,
find different images, and then I can drag and drop, and upload them to my own video.

Or also here on the left-hand side, I can select different images. For example, let’s try to find something creepy.

So I’ll type in “creepy” right here. And maybe we do have
some different images. If I can’t find anything, once again, I would just go over to pexels.

om, which is a library of thousands
of copyright-free images. And I’m sure I would be able
to find something over there. And once you’re done editing
your video with InVideo, just click on Download and Share, and it will be onto
your computer in second. And now how to upload and
how to actually get views on YouTube with your YouTube Shorts. Well, first of all, go to your YouTube channel, click Select files, double click on that file.

Give it a nice title, give it a nice description, and optimize your video properly. Now, how do you actually
optimize your video properly in order to get views on YouTube? Well, what I personally prefer
to do is I will use vidIQ, and this is an absolutely free tool, and I will leave a link to it
in the description down below.

And basically with this tool, you can do a research,
both keyword research, and to see which videos
are trending right now, so you can replicate their success. So for example, if I go to vidIQ, I log into my account, and I type in the keyword
“creepy” in this box, that’s gonna give me
everything I need to know about that keyword right now.

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So for example, keyword “creepy” has a
really high search volume, but the competition is also very high. While on the other side, “creepypasta” keyword has
even bigger search volume, like 1.6 million people search
for this on a regular basis, but the competition is super low. So I can use this keyword for example, or for example, “caught on camera,” over 376,000 people search
for this on a regular basis.

And here on the right-hand side, it’s also gonna show me different videos that are trending right now, that are getting the most viewed.

And these are all videos in my niche. And they’re pretty similar to what I’m posting right now on YouTube. So I can either use some of these keywords in my title and description, or I can just go over to YouTube, type in my keyword in the search
bar, for example, “creepy,” I will go to Filter, filter by this month, and also filter by view count. And that’s gonna show me
the top performing videos right now this month, what is hot right now. And I can just open up
some of those videos, for example, this one right here.

And thanks to vidIQ, I will be able to see their tags here on the right-hand side. So I will be able to
see which tags they used in their videos, so I can copy that with
one click of a button, and I can use those same
tags in my own video.

So I can just go back and I can paste them in this box where it says “Tags.” And I can use same tags, and it’s also gonna
give me recommendations, like, vidIQ is gonna give
me recommendations of tags, which I can use, throwing
higher in the search results, and hopefully get more views. So I’ll look for example, at “cursed,” “cursed videos,” “cursed video.

I’ve reloaded Refresh Tags
to see what else they’ve got. So for example, this one,
and this is really nice. Now, I’ve optimized my
video with different tags, but before I published this, I need to add something in the description in order to make money.

Because as I said, we will
not be relying on ads, but I wanna show you different ways you can make money with
your YouTube Shorts. And now how to make money
with your YouTube Shorts.

Now, the difference
between the first video that shows you the
beginning of this video, and the second video,
is that the first one was only relying on YouTube ad revenue. And so because of that, they were able to make
only a couple of dollars, but the other video was relying on different monetization options. And so they were able to
make a lot more money. And there are two different
ways I can recommend you to monetize your YouTube Shorts. And this first one is something that I’m currently trying out.

And I asked you in the previous video, if you’re interested to see my results with this first monetization option, but there were just not too many people that were interested. There were maybe like four or
five people that commented. Yes, I went to see that. So I felt like maybe you
guys really don’t want to see the results, or maybe you don’t want me to make that step-by-step tutorial. So that’s why I didn’t do it.

And the second monetization
option is something that I’ve been using for a very long time. Now, the first monetization options that I want to show you
is using print on demand. So you can use websites
like, which will allow you
to upload your designs to different products and sell them. So you don’t have to actually
own any of these products.

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You literally just have
to upload your designs, and you can sell through YouTube. Whenever someone buys through your link, you will get a percentage of that sale, and you don’t have to ship the product. You don’t have to create anything.

You don’t have to have any inventory. You literally just need to put your link in the description of those Shorts videos, and promote those products
through your Shorts.

Now, if you want to see my
results with print on demand, with faceless YouTube channels, and if you want to see
a step-by-step tutorial, then just let me know in
the comments down below, and drop a like to this video. So I will know that enough people are
actually interested in that. So if this video gets 5,000
likes and enough comments, I will make sure to do
a step by step tutorial in some of the next videos, and I will reveal my results
with print on demand. But otherwise, like there’s no point if no
one is interested in that, because I only want to share content that you actually care about. And the second way you can
monetize your YouTube Shorts is with affiliate
marketing or CPA marketing.

And CPA stands for cost per action, which means that in most of the cases, you can refer people to some offer where they don’t have to pay for anything. They literally just need to
sign up and you will get paid. One of the great examples in this niche would be Audible affiliated program. This is from Amazon themselves. And if you refer someone to Audible where they can get lots
of different stories and different books, different
eBooks and audio books, they just need to sign up for free.

So for a free trial, you will get paid $5, whenever someone signs up for free. And you saw that those videos
can get millions of views. And all of those people
love hearing stories, right? Well, now you can have the
link in the description where they can sign up and you
will get paid $5 per person.

And what’s even better is that, if they take some other options and they maybe sign up
to a gold membership, now you will make $10 per person.

So you can maximize your results, and make even more money per person that you refer to Audible. You can also, for example, use Affplus, this is already And on here, you can find a
lots of different CPA offers, which you can promote and get paid a different amount of money.

For example, this offer
will pay you $13 per person.

You refer this one in $93 per person. $1. $30. 10 cents. It really depends which offer you choose, just grab a referral link, and put it in the description
of those Shorts videos, so you can actually make money.

Or if you want to promote some
different affiliate offers, just go over to, register for absolutely free.

And whatever niche you’re in, you will be able to find all
sorts of different categories and products here on the left hand side. So you can grab your affiliate link with one click of a button, and put it in the description
or your Shorts videos..

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