Coworking Space expands to meet needs of remote workers

AMERICANS WORK. IN DOWNTOWN SANTA BARBARA.ONE CO- WORKING SPACE HAS UPSCALED ITS ENTIRE OPERATION. FOX 11'S BLAKE DEVINE EXPLAINS HOW WORKZONES IS MEETING THE NEEDS OF PEOPLE WORKING REMOTELY. . DOCTORS THROUGHOUT SANTA BARBARA COUNTY ARE SEEING A DROP IN THE KEYT >> Sense of working with other people I wasn't lonely it's been in business for nearl 9 years works the sharpest increase in membership came during the pain that Mick people have found that they want to have another place where they can go work is a little more productive to have they can get focused work done very private all to share spaces and even conference room the energy with other people working on just a few more focused one trend that its owners have noticed an increase in remote workers may not necessarily live in Santa Barbara come to town for a prolonged vacation still seeking to get John put in plac work to work while they were working remotely to keep up with constant demand works of expanded space tripling in size to nearly 15,000 15,008 we realized that there was a growing demand for more private offices and more meetings based even as companies continue bringing employees back into th office most work in a hybrid model and water people to want being able to work outside the house for couple days have meetings in person again I think all those things are going to b really important going into the future looking ahead to need for co-working spaces may stay permanent even pass the paid

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